It’s All About The Frame

I’ve started painting. With brushes and a paint set.

painting brushes and flower


I take ownership of my amateur status (in the best sense of that word).  I love painting!

When my adored child-play creations are dry, I pin them to the fridge. Passing by I stop and preen like a girl in front of a mirror, listening as the refrigerator pictures talk back to me.

“What a pretty picture I am!”

My husband complimented one of them.

painting photo spider plant


“I like that.”

Wow! Somebody likes them!

Another friend said

“I enjoy your little pictures.”

This crumb boosted my confidence like a load of jet fuel.

I started to crave the confidence boosting.

I couldn’t resist asking my son (age 21).

“Do you like my picture?”

painting stump with plants

His response was slow to come.

Oh dear. What have I done?

My seedling painting practice is not ready to be unearthed by any hint of a negative reply.

After a long silence, my son said,

“Yes. I like your picture.”

Happy Day!

“But I hope you’re not going to have it framed.”


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3 Responses to It’s All About The Frame

  1. pat newton says:

    I have to laugh at David’s remark. It is funny how other people’s comments affect your perception.
    I LOVE the very first one and I think you have something to say…..they are uniquely you. Perhaps
    you could put together a book with words and paintings.

  2. Hilda Gore says:

    I like your pictures, too! 🙂

  3. shirleyhs says:

    Our sons keep us humble. Thanks for the chuckle. And keep painting.

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