Art Collecting Without Guilt

I don’t spend money on art.

Well, once I bought a photo for $1 at a yard sale.  We are not going to talk about what I paid for framing.

Like most people, our household budget just doesn’t include a line-item for art collecting.

We do, however have a small budget for charitable giving, so when Bob, Linda and John had their plant/art/book sale to benefit Doctors Without Borders, I went pleasantly crazy.

Here are the paintings I bought from Bob Haslach.


painting haslach's jasmine's feet

painting haslach's potted plant


painting haslach's flowers


Five plants and three paintings later, Doctors Without Borders (a terrific low-overhead charity) is $100 richer.

But I feel richer still.




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5 Responses to Art Collecting Without Guilt

  1. Enid Holden says:

    Love the decapitated boy at the piano!

  2. Pat Newton says:

    Interesting…all three. The bottom two remind me of your paintings. The piano one would be admired by all your students. It’s so charming! P

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  3. Hilda Labrada Gore says:

    I love how you communicate so well with an economy of words. You said you don’t have an “art” line item in your household budget. Do you have a word line item? 😉

  4. shirleyhs says:

    Diane, I agree with Hilda above. Beauty and economy. You nail it.

    We love many of the same things — art and Doctors Without Borders.

    You are indeed rich.

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