What Does George W. Bush Have In Common With The Sacred Ordinary?

I am chagrined to learn that after leaving office, George W. Bush has taken up art.  His life-passion is painting.

George W. Bush Dog Paintings

Apparently he has painted over 50 dogs.

george W. Bush in the Shower

He also paints himself in the shower.

George W. Bush in the Bathtub

And in the bathtub.

He piddles way his free time.  JUST LIKE I DO.  But he paints better than I do.  He hired a tutor, so that must explain it.

Suddenly I feel compassion for George.  He never should have gone into politics.  Obviously never should have been president.

I’m sure all of that was his mother’s fault.


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5 Responses to What Does George W. Bush Have In Common With The Sacred Ordinary?

  1. Enid Holden says:

    Haha. I wanted to hate them but the dog pics are quite cute! think I’ll stick to Hockney for the rest though1

  2. Pat newton says:

    Or maybe his dad’s. I’m surprised he can paint so well because he never could pay attention at any musical event and I suppose I relate the two arts……anyway, now maybe he can have the life that’s good for him. I liked seeing his paintings.

    I can hardly wait to frame your little watercolor….it will live in my music room near my art books.
    It’s a special one. I call it Art and Flowers. It makes me want to paint too.

  3. shirleyhs says:

    You make me chuckle. So does George W. with his shower and bath tub paintings. Not with his eight years in office, however. Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. I always enjoy your posts.

  4. kcc says:

    I have been trying to figure out my reaction to this for days. I am stymied and surprised. Glad, certainly, that he pursues creative exploration …not piddling!! But, given a choice and unlimited cash and wall space, I would pick your flowers over a GWB bathtub landscape/still life/whatever that is 🙂

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