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Beauty as a 40 Day Spiritual Discipline. The rest of the year, visit me at The Sacred Ordinary (and the ordinary ordinary).

Easter 2017


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I Could Paint That

Who couldn’t do Abstract Landscape Painting? I arrive early at The Art League’s classroom all ready to CREATE. No need to feel intimidated. Any four year old can do this stuff. In fact, the idea of wielding colors around reminds … Continue reading

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All went to be taxed, every one into his own city.

There’s nothing a church musician hates more than one more “Merry Christmas!”  We’re not Scrooges, but think of the poor tax accountant on 4-15.  Imagine April 15 as a much-loved time of gift giving and feasting.  The tax accountant is chained … Continue reading

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Easter 2016

Easter 2016

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Barbados 2016

February in Barbados:  Books, Beach and Beer. We used to be adventurous travelers, walking – or at least driving – perimeters of islands to see it all. These days we enjoy a more relaxing winter vacation.  Even though we’re young, my … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving – Outside the Box

We are a strange Thanksgiving trio – Diane, Mel and David.  On this day of grannies, cousins, sisters, uncles and orphans, it’s just the three of us. The only thing traditional about our holiday is that Someone has purchased an 18 … Continue reading

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Who’s In Charge Of Reincarnation?

Washington Post Article:  China rejects reconciliation with Dalai Lama “China sees the game as mostly over, with a few odds and ends remaining that it can weather with little discomfort…… As the Dalai Lama ages, Beijing also thinks it has … Continue reading

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