All went to be taxed, every one into his own city.

There’s nothing a church musician hates more than one more “Merry Christmas!”  We’re not Scrooges, but think of the poor tax accountant on 4-15.  Imagine April 15 as a much-loved time of gift giving and feasting.  The tax accountant is chained to her desk, which is heaped with papers – clients are lining the hallway waiting their turn.  No “Happy Tax Day!” for her.

A typical Christmas Eve where I work:

  • 11am Children’s Pageant
  • 4pm Children’s Pageant
  • 6pm Christmas Service
  • 8pm Christmas Service
  • 10:30 pm Christmas Service

And y’all come back now for noon on Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas To You Too, Buddy!

My guard is up against that bastard Pere Noel.  I’ve actually had a bruised buttocks from sitting on the organ bench so long.

But today is April 15, far far away from Jesus’ birthday party.  I’m safely in my studio teaching piano lessons – coaxing young students to read music.

Often I use songs children know to make a fun puzzle of bass and treble, whole and half, space and line.  Even in April I’m not above pulling out a carol collection for a reluctant reader.  What seven-year-old can resist Jingle Bells?  My student, Jasmine, said she did not know The First Noel.  I sit down to play it for her.  It’s April.  My guard is down.

And sneaky Father Christmas sprinkled magic on my heart.

April 15

It’s the best time of the year!



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2 Responses to All went to be taxed, every one into his own city.

  1. Melvin Heath says:

    I like it! Of course, tax day this year is April 18 because April 15 is an official DC Holiday – Emancipation Day, when Lincoln freed the slaves in DC months before it happened in the rest of the country. We can celebrate again on Monday!


  2. lol now i’ve got that “everyone la la la…” line in my head!

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