Words of Caution from a Church Organist (Beware of Paperclips)

Sermons at the Methodist church in Martinsville, Indiana were long – a good thirty minutes long.

The little Schantz organ was tucked in a corner, and so….

Noone would notice if the organist passed time by dusting the keys.

Noone would notice pencils being put away in their cup.

Noone would notice a stray paperclip on the floor or see the organist reach her slender fingers between the organ pedals to neaten things up.

The paperclip maneuver required an acute bend of the torso and tuck of the shoulder under the bottom manual. On that particular day it also involved a slight bend of the head into General 6 Piston – the one set for last verse of the hymn or “pull out all the stops”.

With feet planted firmly on the pedals, and shoulder lodged immovably under the great manual, the sermon was interrupted for a Very Long Time.

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3 Responses to Words of Caution from a Church Organist (Beware of Paperclips)

  1. kccoo says:

    Oh this is awesome. I could picture the whole sequence of events. And it does not surprise me that you would be organizing the space 🙂 It’s so distracting when there is stuff all over the console. And seeing a little piece of anything when you glance down at your feet….ugh!

  2. diane heath says:

    I knew you would appreciate it! I’m sure nothing like that has every happend to you…..

  3. Enid Holden says:

    Nice. I have often wanted to raise a hand-held stop sign from the congregation bench.

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