An Old Soul

At age six, Alistair was wise beyond his years – an old soul.

Dignified, polite, interested in music and the arts, Alistair would never have done anything like interrupting a person, putting his feet on the sofa or coming to his piano lesson with dirty hands.

Not that I’m a frilly lady piano teacher who could be affronted by such things.

On his birthday, Alistair’s father dropped him off with a little cake.  Apparently the celebration was to take place during his piano lesson.

The father left.  The piano teacher taught.

At a quarter of the hour, we took out the cake, laid plates and napkins (of course), lit the candles and sang Happy Birthday.

Alistair was thrilled!!!

Smiling broadly, he stammered,

“This is really nice.  Let’s do this every year, until we’re both….until we’re both….men.”

Piano Cupcake

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1 Response to An Old Soul

  1. Pat Newton says:

    That’s just wonderful! It was his lucky day…..and yours.

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