morning prayer

Here’s what I’ve done so far today:

  • I showered, computered, coffeed and ate. 
  • I ironed and listened to Beethoven.  The later was required by my job.  Otherwise I would not have given myself the pleasure.  Neither would I have ironed.
  • I did not say my morning prayers.
  • I read about the world’s prisoners and my heart gasped in pity.
  • This was in the newspaper, which I sort of read.  Mainly I look at the pictures, which I find are very good.
  • I read Lorna’s poem.  She posts a poem on her blog every day and it feels to me as though she writes them just for the two of us.  But that’s only the way I look at it.
  • I walked down my street.   When I noticed pale pink roses spilling over a fence, I thrust my nose into one and breathed in pale pink fragrance.
  • I thought about my mother and cried a little.  Even after four years – do you believe that?  Can a little crying count as prayer?


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1 Response to morning prayer

  1. heidigirl999 says:

    i love lists. what a great idea to list what’s been done…not just tasks that need to be done.

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