FDA Moving to Limit Arsenic in Rice and Hints from Heloise

“FDA moving to limit arsenic in rice” would be hysterical, if only it weren’t true.  Today’s Washington Post explains that brown rice has even more arsenic than white rice, which has 50% more arsenic than a glass of tap water.  Rice grown in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas is especially high in arsenic.  Organic rice is equally tainted by organic arsenic.

According to the article, one can reduce the amount of arsenic in rice at home by 1) rinsing it before cooking and 2) cooking it in an excess of water and then draining before serving.  (which makes me suspect the arsenic is in the water rather than the rice.) 

One can also limit rice consumption by choosing alternative grains, such as wheat, millet, barley or quinoa.

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2 Responses to FDA Moving to Limit Arsenic in Rice and Hints from Heloise

  1. heidigirl999 says:

    hmmm…does the grain naturally pull it out of the ground? my son told me for instance that farmers can use dandelions to pull lead from the soil. hopefully they don’t then end up at the farmers market.

  2. diane heath says:

    rice draws heavily on water, and the arsenic is in the groundwater.

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