Reading and Eating

I enjoy reading and eating at the same time.  No insult to author, cook, farmer or fruit.  It’s simply a double pleasure.

However today, reading the opening pages to Jamaica Kincaid’s “See Now Then” and eating an utterly delicious bowl of cottage cheese with avocado, I had to put one of them down.  The double deliciousness overwhelmed me.

First I attended to the bowl of luscious green and white food.

And then continued turning pages of words at the kitchen counter.

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1 Response to Reading and Eating

  1. Hilda Gore says:

    I love eating and reading, too. (I also love just eating. And I love just reading, too. 🙂 But sometimes I notice that when doing both at the same time, I’m missing something. It’s neat that you were able to give both the food and then the book your undivided attention.

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