Down Time Intervention Needed

I scheduled an indulgent 90 minute Reiki Session – a balm for post-concert stress.  Also part of my New Year’s Spiritual Practice.

But the car won’t start and I can’t get to my appointment!

Devoted Down Time is what I need.  Why can’t I just STOP for 90 minutes?

Embarrassingly, I am a Reiki “Master” myself, so there is every reason I should be able to do this.

But BUSY is my default mode.

So far today I have practiced the piano, sent 23 emails, made cole slaw, jerk chicken, sweet potato soup with bourbon and oranges, done the dishes, taken out the trash, and posted on my blog.

Now it’s 10:00 am and I’m faced with my inability to sit still without supervision.

I think I’ll make some Spanish Rice.

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2 Responses to Down Time Intervention Needed

  1. heidigirl999 says:

    Get in a cab! Hire a limo!

  2. All that by 10am? I thought you were going to say 10pm. Yes, yes, yes, make some downtime.

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