Down Time Intervention – Postmortem

(read yesterday’s post first)

Since my car was broken, the Reiki Master called, suggesting a telephone or skype session.  This is known as “Distant Reiki” or “Distant Healing”.  The theory behind it is that Reiki works simultaneously for body, mind and spirit on a quantum level – past, present and future.  Consequently, what are a few exits down I-270?

Having posted that I was “unable to sit still without supervision”, I decided to hire a spiritual babysitter.

And pay $68 via credit card for this service.

My husband, who “believes” in Reiki, does not believe in “distant” Reiki.  And he definitely does not believe in $68 credit card charges for it.

But these were desperate times.

My skype is a video-free zone, so the Reiki Master did not watch me lying on the floor under the computer.

Neither did he not watch me fall into deep relaxation.

Note to self:

1) It is possible to have Down Time at home.   Even ON THE FLOOR UNDER THE COMPUTER!

2) It is nice to have a companion.

The experience reminded me of the many supporters I have – real and virtual, living on earth and beyond, for whom I am grateful.

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