40 Days of Kindness

Thirty years ago a classmate spoke one sentence that lodged in my memory.

Betsy Calhoun delivered the words in her honey-coated southern drawl, “If I ever had to preach a sermon, it would be on simple kindness.”

Alarming thoughts. “Preach a sermon?” “Simple Kindness?”

Well, Betsy, this Lent’s for you.  I’m embarking on 40 Days of Kindness.  My husband, usually supportive of my little projects can hardly contain his enthusiasm this year.

Three rules:

  1. I do not promise to always be kind.
  2. I promise to think about kindness.  (even though it’s day one and the very idea of is making me tired)
  3. I’ll try on some special kindness shoes each day and see how they fit.

What are y’all doing this year for Lent?


see previous years’ 40 day blogs:







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2 Responses to 40 Days of Kindness

  1. Pat Newton says:

    It’s giving up alcohol for me…….I prepared by 9 days with none and 3 with a lot! Love, P

  2. Giving up diet soda seems rather meager compared to kindness. I’d like to do something proactive but since kindness is already spoken for I’ll get back to you.

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