40 Days of Kindness – Getting Started

First step will be remembering the kindness thing.  I need tassels on my garment or a string around my finger.

I decide to put something around my neck –  some childish plastic beads from the thrift store.  The weight at my throat can remind me to say kind things.

Naturally I’m rushing to get to yoga on time.  How am I going to practice kindness in a hurry?  I say a quick hello to the homeless guy at the bus stop. This is not a good start.

Today’s yoga teacher, “Bobbie”, is not my favorite.  Her rough-edged coaching rattles my inner-peace, and I usually avoid unnecessary interaction with her.  But today I’m practicing kindness.

I smile, look into her eyes, and say, “Hello, Bobbie.”

She looks into my eyes and replies, “I really like your necklace.”

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1 Response to 40 Days of Kindness – Getting Started

  1. Pat Newton says:

    That made me laugh…..that’s a kindness in itself. P

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