Sacred Space Hits the Digital Age

We have a room that is free of furniture, which a friend playfully named Diane’s Reiki Hut.  The room is painted green and blue with a touch of silver trim.  Occasionally I unfold a massage table in this room for reiki.

Think of it as a prayer room.  A place for spiritual practice – yoga, tai chi, meditation, reiki – whatever.  There are no pictures on the walls.  The zen emptiness makes it flexible.

I feel slightly guilty about staking claim to this grand piece of household real estate. Particularly since I don’t really use the room for reiki, yoga, meditation, tai chi or prayer.

Lately I’ve been thinking of changing the room to an In-House Art Gallery for my art work.  I plan to specialize in ironing boards.  These ironing boards will be mosaics of mixed media – everything from graffiti to cross-stitch.  And once I figure out how to make them, they will be fantastic.  I’m also planning multi-use of the room for actual ironing.

My husband and son have other ideas.

There has been on-going conversation about the purchase of a large flat screen TV. The sticking point in this ten-year conversation has been location.  Husband and Son are now zeroing in on The Reiki Hut.

So, I’m flexing the muscle of my imagination.  Could a large screen inspire and motivate the art projects?  When visitors come to the gallery we could display an artsy digital ironing board.  In the morning I could stream a yoga class for home practice.   During reiki sessions the screen could display a slide show of the reiki teacher lineage.  Images of Usui, Takata, and on through Rowland, Gleekel and Heath would beam their shining faces, each in turn.

Sacred Space Hits The Digital Age?






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  1. Diane, I enjoyed this piece. I like the idea of a a Reiki Hut. I haven’t blogged in months, but I’ve been busy. On Wednesday, me and the two cats climb in the car and head of for Ashland, OR. I’m moving there and looking forward to being in a beautiful, liberal environment. More later. E

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