Letter Nook

This is my favorite corner of the house:


The Letter Nook

buddha sits with words.  written with ink on paper.  blessing friendships.

Do you have a favorite corner?

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3 Responses to Letter Nook

  1. pat newton says:

    Yes, I have a spiritual shelf in a bookcase with an African funerary woman kneeling and a space on
    top of her head for a candle. Also, there are vertical metal snake sculptures with their heads pointing up…and some rocks, sand beads from the dessert along with some other things. Looking at it makes me pause and feel something real, something from the earth and beyond……
    I love the idea of words and ink and paper all around Buddha. It gives a sense of the words being alive and sacred.

  2. shirleyhs says:

    My favorite corner is the red chair I am sitting in now with its view of the Shenandoah Mountain and the valley between here and there. Green is starting to appear. Deer, cows, horses, cattle, even a donkey sometimes graze on the meadow land adjacent to our back yard. I feel so grateful every time I pause to look and breathe!

    Haven’t seen your tracks for awhile, Diane. But today I thought of you.

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