Artistic Satisfaction – Finger Painting

I’ve been “finger painting” on my Asus E-Reader.  I sit with the crazy small machine and my technological ignorance.  Tracing  my finger across the screen like a Japanese brush painter, I go to a state of zen meditation without even opening an ink pot.  Or cleaning a brush.  And if you don’t like a picture, all you have to do is “delete”!

Here are the masterpieces:

  girl at the piano


Girl at the Piano


picasso's potatos


Picasso’s Potatoes







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8 Responses to Artistic Satisfaction – Finger Painting

  1. pat newton says:

    Now that’s another surprise, but what a fun one! Instant artistic satisfaction in-deed!
    ……your approach is unique, your touch very light, but the subject of dog poop, is it evocative of
    what people do when they see it??? It does make you think.

  2. kcc says:

    How fun. It’s a very minimalist and zen like (not getting too attached I mean) way to just experience creating. sort of like those neat water on slate brush sets. i guess it’s a little bit attached if you like it and want to save it. but then if you share it, is it unattached?

  3. kcc says:

    (just came back from hearing his holiness the dalai lama speak)

    • jealous! I would have gone if I’d known. what did you learn?

    • diane heath says:

      jealous! I would have gone if I’d known he was up the street. what did you learn?

      • kcc says:

        he used a round number of 7 billion people in our world and said that only about 1 million are not affiliated with any religion, in other words say they are non-believers (or perhaps DIY?) i found that surprising. he was very very common sense…no double talk or mysterious stuff. noted that the basis of all the major religions/spiritual traditions is love.

  4. Enid Holden says:

    Ha ha from Klee level abstractions via Hundertwasser to realism! A visual haiku.

  5. Allen says:

    I really llike Girl at the Piano….A

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