Poems From The Girl Next Door

Friday evening we went to Doritt Carroll’s poetry reading/book launch.

Location: The Black Squirrel (pub) How could we miss that?

And now I have her little book Glttl Stp  (Glottal Stop). It makes me feel like I could be a poet too. After all, I know what a glottal stop is. After all, I practice lunch-time yoga on the mat next door to Doritt. The book cover has a bright picture of a puzzle-piece woman with a locked throat. I know all about that too.

glttl stp

But first to read the book. The poems are rich and delicious. Like fine dark chocolate (the super expensive kind) , I only take in one at a time, forcing myself to place a bookmark and save the next poem for tomorrow.*

glttl stp

everything good
is in the things
that we don’t say

if we were sculptures
in a gallery
it would be the elegant
space between them
carved by their marble arms

the moment after the scritch
when the match
flickers but doesn’t yet
burst into flame

the tightening in the air
as the black hand
clicks to the minute
the minute
when the recess bell
is going to ring

if there were two birds
singing in two trees
it would be
the moment
when they both paused
not to take in air
but because it was
the right place
in both of their songs
to pause
glottal stop

– Doritt Carroll

* Truth be told, I can easily eat the whole box. Sometimes I cheat with the poems too. You can buy the book at Amazon or order it from your local indie book store.

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1 Response to Poems From The Girl Next Door

  1. kcc says:

    Really nice. This is poetry i can read. I’ve been getting a poem a day from Poets.org but having a lot of trouble understanding (and caring) about many of them. Thanks for posting this. 🙂

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