Afternoon Prayer

O God, I want a cookie.

I want an Oreo Cookie.  or several ….

It’s the fault of the Washington Post, which reported that a study by students at Connecticut College found Oreos as addictive to rats as cocaine.  The short article included an image of a stack of Oreos.

oreo cookies

I don’t even like Oreo Cookies, but I suddenly and absolutely needed a stack of them, presumably to satisfy the opiates and dopamine running around in my head.

All I have in the cupboard is a jar of olives and some sunflower seeds.  These are not giving me the fix I need.

And so I am reduced to lamentation.  I sit alone at my computer.  I pray.

O God, I want a cookie.

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8 Responses to Afternoon Prayer

  1. damn it, now i want a cookie. AND NOT JUST ONE EITHER! 🙂

  2. kcc says:

    it’s kind of weird how popular they considering how dull they are. i’d much rather have a nice squishy oatmeal cookie full of raisins.

  3. pat newton says:

    Yesterday Bob came home with a bag of Publix fake Orios…..there should be a law. The
    filling was definitely fake and too sugary. Yes they are addictive to Bob. I try not to think
    about them at all. My piano students always liked them a lot at recital time. They are a tradition
    to stay, like Twinkies. pat

  4. Enid Holden says:

    I hate the things! Rather have the cocaine.

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