Adopting a Child

I’ve always wanted to adopt. One look at a soulful wide-eyed, cleft-lipped child and I quickly flip the magazine page before bringing her home and buying penguin pajamas.

Adopting a child would require a major life-style shift. I’d need to quit my job, go to ball games, drive to scouts and supervise music practice. We’d eat dinner at 6:00 sharp instead of the extended cocktail hour that starts around 8:00.

Then we’d sit at the table with homework and art projects.

I guess we’d have to get a table.

Not to mention our adult son’s feelings about suddenly getting a little sister.

My husband found the perfect solution – two organizations that connect needy children with sponsors.  Usually hyper-critical of the high overhead, minimal effectiveness and the proselytizing of many charitable organizations, he carefully researched Compassion International and CFCA and came away impressed with their low administrative costs (18% and 8 % respectively), measured effectiveness and cultural appropriateness.

“Would you like to sponsor a child for $30 per month?”

“Yes! Yes!”

I really wanted 6 children, but thought I’d start with two girls who live in India. My husband also chose an Indian girl for himself, so now we’re a blended family. The girls will write twice a year and tell us what they’re learning in school.  We will write twice a year and tell them about our lives. (I might leave out the part about the vacation in Barbados.)

This virtual adoption is a good match for my busy schedule. I’ve barely had time to look at the website to learn about my own new children. Except a moment ago I clicked on the link.

OMG!  They have names. Ramya.   Vaishnavi.

I’m in love.

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