Let’s Talk About Money

This  New Year we started paying about $90 per month to sponsor three girls who live in India.  This is a new and delightful complement to our full lives.  I’m so thrilled with the organization, Unbound, that I’m thinking of one day going to India to meet the children.

I’m also on a New Year’s mission to spruce up the house.  Framing our friend’s sketch of tall grasses is top on my list.  It will cost about $300.

But you could sponsor a child for an entire year!


But I need the sketch of tall grasses framed and hanging in our bathroom, which, otherwise, is a wasteland.

tee hee

I wonder if the girls we sponsor are part of 50% of India that reportedly defecates on train tracks.  I wonder if they could even imagine me paying $300 to frame a picture of tall grasses to hang in my bathroom.

As I hold the girls in my thoughts I feel, more and more, like a very rich person.

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3 Responses to Let’s Talk About Money

  1. kcc says:

    sharing your “riches” with the world will bring you many happy returns, i’m sure! spot-on perspective of relativity.

  2. pat newton says:

    True. It’s not easy to keep resolve, but that’s when it means something……..there are so many
    relative choices in life that make it simple or complicated……you’ve done the right thing. p

  3. Hilda Gore says:

    Love this, Diane! You are so right. Loving and giving is an invaluable gift. You will be as blessed as those young girls in India!

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